MAG’s skilled team of certified anesthesia providers, Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists are some of the best in the industry; even our youngest CRNA has more than a decade experience.

With all this expertise under one roof, no wonder so many clients come to MAG looking for peace of mind. Work with us and you’ll never have to scramble to find a “fill-in” Anesthesiologist when someone calls in sick. MAG provides you with the reliable support network you need (when you need it) so you never have to worry again. Our business model was built for reliability unlike our competitors, who may only have a few anesthesia professionals to choose from.

With MAG, you have an entire team of professionals at your service.

Want to know what really makes MAG unique? We aren’t just looking to turn a profit. We never give “big hospitals” precedence over our smaller clients just because they can pay us more.

We prefer to establish relationships with outpatient surgery centers and invest in small businesses (just like MAG) for the long run. You may not be turning a profit yet, but we believe in you. How many companies can make this claim? MAG exists just for you.

Want more proof? We’ve all heard the horror stories about post-op billing. What a nightmare, right? Not with us.  We realize most people don’t know a thing about billing; that’s why we have a Billing Team to help you solve whatever issue may arise so your business continues to run smoothly. Our team can even help you take care of Medicare issues.

To learn more about what Metro Anesthesia Group can do for your facility, please contact us.