MAG may do things “the old fashioned way” when it comes to delivering amazing customer service but our technology is cutting-edge all the way. Not only do we use the latest anesthesia procedures and tools during surgery, our custom software will keep your operation organized and humming like a finely tuned medical machine.

While our competitors are still working in the Dark Ages when it comes to their back-end infrastructure, MAG employs the latest organization tools. Long gone are the days when communications can get mixed up between surgery centers and CRNA providers. Thanks to our custom calendar tool, all surgery-related communications are streamlined so everyone involved stays on the same page.

If any problems do arise, our full time Surgery Coordinator will resolve any scheduling issues. Being “old school” about our customer service, we even gave our Surgery Coordinator a real phone they actually answer. What a concept. No more having to deal with frustrating automated systems. Just dial (insert phone number) if you want to speak to a MAG representative about coordinating a surgery today.